Online Bookmaker: the Good the Bad and the Ugly – Find the Good One

As a sports gambler, finding a great Bookmaker will make or break the enjoyment level you get out of this hobby. You may be a serious player that makes a living doing this or you may be a casual player that like to spend a buck or two on a big game. No matter what your gambling habits are, you want and need a top notch bookie that has your back. You want a bookie that won’t close you down after a win or two and you need a bookie that works with you on per game limits. The last thing you want is to make a deposit for $1,000 and then be told that you can only play $50 per game. How can you make any money like that? You can’t it’s impossible.

How can you know what online bookies out there follow this concept? Ask them!

When searching for a top of the line sportsbook, you should ask questions. Ask them everything before deposition. A quality bookmaker will have a toll free hot line that’s accessible from the United States. You should absolutely call them and ask what their betting limits are. If they do not have a toll free number to call and speak with a live agent, then you are doing business with the wrong people to begin with! Don’t even consider depositing with a bookie that you can’t call and speak with.

A few other important questions when looking for a great online bookmaker:

– What is their payout policy, what do they need from you before you can take a payout? Is there a waiting period as a new client, is there a required rollover or a certain amount of betting action before taking the payout? What about documents, do they require a copy of your I.D. and/or anything else? Can you set this up on the first day? You should take care of all required documents for a payout. If you are a cash only player are you eligible for a payout at any time?

– Do they offer great and manageable bonuses? What are the terms of the bonus rollovers and how are they calculated? Is there a play-through or just a simple rollover? Player bonuses are a great thing and smart players absolutely take them, but know what you are getting into, and know when you qualify for a payout.

– What about their wagering platform, is it state of the art and easy to use?

– Do they offer a wide variety of sporting events that includes great props and futures betting?

– Are they competitive with their lines and odds?

– What about “up time” are they always having technical problems and server issues?

These are a few of the more important questions that you should be asking a prospective bookie. Of course there are more but in the interest of time we have included the top questions that matter most to players.

When it comes to choosing a great sportsbook, don’t settle. It’s easy to sign up with five or even ten sportsbooks, then you can narrow down a handful of favorites. You should absolutely have more than one bookmaker but you should also be a wise investor. Find a great review site and do your homework. Most of these sites are reliable and they have done a whole lot of homework for you. This is your hobby and you enjoy it, make the most of it and make the bookies work for you.

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