What Makes One Pay per Head better Than Another?

Bookies are looking for great PPH services because they need to keep up with the demands of their clients. Pay per head services are a dime a dozen these day and finding the right one for you can be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. There are many great PPH sites that will definitely treat you and your client’s right, then there are others that you should not even consider. Sorting the good from the bad is not the goal here, what is the goal is to show you what to look for before choosing one PPh over another.

There are a few “must” rules to live by before choosing a PPH:

All pay per head services charge a fee for their service. If you are a bookie and have a few players or several hundred and you are tired of the bookie hassles, then a PPH is absolutely the way to go. There is a cost involved and that is exactly why the very service itself is called a “pay per head’. You will be charged a nominal fee per player, per week.

Rule #1: Cost is not always the most important factor.

The cost of operating a bookie business through a PPH is nominal to begin with so do not get wrapped up in what PPH services charge the least or the most. As a general rule, charging the least and out gunning everyone on price; is desperation and it has very little to do with quality of service. On the other hand, we are not saying you should be paying more than most services charge or more than the average. Most great PPH services charge around $10 per head, per week. Visit dva overwatch.

Example: If you have 50 players that play with you each week and the charge is $10 per head, then you will pay $500 for those 50 players to play that week. It’s as simple as it sounds and as risk free as it sounds. $500 per week is nothing when you have 50 active players. Most players average $100 deposits and most players lose, this means you are in business and in the money.

Rule # 2: Read the PPH reviews.

There are a couple of different site that are reputable and they deliver the goods when it comes to shelling out the truth about the PPH services. Don’t take these review with a grain of salt. They are well worth reading and can certainly steer gamblers in the right direction.

Rule # 3:

Find a PPH that has top of the line bookie software and that has 99% up time. If you are a bookie, then you know how important this is. Nothing is more devastating to your business then for a service to go down on game day or 10 minutes before a game. Uptime is the single most important quality a PPH can offer its clients

Rule # 4:

Go with a PPH that offers you every gaming opportunity available. A great PPH should be offering a full racebook and casino that offer all of the most popular slot machines, and table games along with a state of the art sportsbook with all of the gaming venues. Do not compromise in this category or you will be sorry. Remember, you are in the bookmaking business to make money and in order to do that you need top notch customer support that offers a toll free hotline from the United States. The above listed rules are hard and fast and if you want a great PPH service, you will pay attention. Get in the money today with a fantastic PPH service. You will not be sorry.

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